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Αυγά Ορτυκιού Κοντογιάννη

Quail eggs

Choose quail eggs because despite their small size, they have 4 times more nutrients than a classic egg!

A quail egg compared to a chicken egg contains:

X 4 iron

X 2.5 vitamin A

X 2.8 B12

X 2 copper

X 2.2 cobalt

X 4.5 phosphorus

X 4.5 potassium.

  • Bird information

    The quail is a migratory bird, belongs to the pheasant family and does not exceed 250 grams in weight.

    It lives and breeds in central and southern Europe, Africa, Asia and America. In many countries of the world, quail breeding is very widespread with spectacular amounts of production of fresh and frozen meat, as well as eggs.

    Quail eggs are widely used in Japan in the diet of children and the elderly due to their highly nutritious content. While five quail eggs weigh as much as an average chicken egg, their nutritional content far exceeds all other eggs.

    It is recommended to be consumed by people who suffer from anemia or have respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, but also by those who have problems with their blood pressure , nervous system disorders, lethargy and a reduced immune system.

    They are eaten and cooked like the rest of the eggs, at exactly the same time, while they are wonderfully pickled, a delicate delicacy that is not easily found!

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