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Our story

76 Years eggs Kontogianni,

76 years of guaranteed quality

76 years of eggspert in eggs

Since 1948, the Kontogianni family has been active in the field of poultry farms and the production - trade of eggs & egg products.

The experience and passion of all the years gave the third generation of the family the reason to continue even today the tradition of Kontogiannis eggs, with the same excellent quality, feeding Greek households with fresh eggs, satisfying the needs of even the most demanding consumer.

Αυγά Κοντογιάννη πρώτο πτηνοτροφείο
Αυγά Κοντογιάννη παλιά μονάδα

Following the most modern methods, the eggs take a unique path in their field, harmoniously combining tradition with know-how and modernization. Something that is confirmed by the 3 awards it holds, as the best company in its field!

The aim of the company is to produce daily fresh eggs rich in nutrients for the whole family, meeting all the necessary standards established by the European Union and related to food quality and safety, while remaining loyal to Greek traditions and nutritional values



Points of sale


81 K

Eggs daily








Our distinctions

Best company in its field, in Greece in 2020-2021

Kontogiannis eggs awards

Best commercial enterprise, in Greece in 2021

Best company in its field, in the Balkans in 2022-2023

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