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Work with us

The shared skills and values that go along with our philosophy have the first say in the selection of our people.

We are looking for people with:

Will to succeed
Mood and appetite for work
Emphasis on substance rather than formality
Good communication and collaboration skills
Thirst for learning and corporate growth
Ability to adapt to a dynamic and evolving environment
Driver's license

Extra information:

Eight-hour work daily morning hours between 6:00 - 16:00

We offer:

Competitive wages
Full insurance contributions, leaves and gifts
Business attire

Corporate phone connection
Reward bonus & super market discount vouchers 150 euros to one lucky person per month via lottery.

Whatever type you are, kontogiannis eggs invite you to email your CV to

Join our team today & work at the award-winning best-in-class company!

And who knows... maybe this is the job that suits you!

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